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The Last Spark is an experience of a small hero restoring a once-lively world. Using platforming mechanics, players traverse an environment and save it from a dark corruption. In The Last Spark, there are enemies to overcome or save, items to collect, and secrets to discover. Progression of the game results in a dynamic shift from shadowy, sad environments to fantastically lit, colorful, and loveable ones as you restore them to former their glory.

Sarah Case - Producer, Programmer

Daniel Dvorak - Creative Director, Designer

Felix Lam - Programming Lead

Khoa Nguyen - Programmer

Tamara Sorto - Programmer

Denys Antipenko - Animator

Sarah Durlauf - Art Lead

Taylor Crook - Artist

Nick Searle - Artist

Brennan Kahl - Artist, Designer

Roman Garcia - Designer, Artist

Joshua Boykins - Designer

Thomas Speirs - Designer

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